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    Videos on iPad


      I have created an edge file following instructions in another thread, the code I have is:


      var vid = $("<video width='1024' height='700'>" +

          "<source src='movie.mp4' type='video/mp4' />" +

         "This browser is not compatible with HTML 5" +



      // stage symbol lookup, and append the above vid object to it;

      // in other words, get the div called 'vcontainer' and attach the video control to it;



      // additional options for the video object

      // vid.attr('autoplay','autoplay');


      vid.attr('allowfullscreen','0');   // 1 | 0


      // enable controls via the player attribute, where 1 = true, 0 = false



      If viewing this page on an iPad (iOS6) and clicking the fullscreen button the vcontainer (holding the video) moves off screen and the html file reverts back to frame 1.


      To get around this I have tried disabling the allow full screen button but this does not work either on the iPad or in Chrome on my computer.


      Is there away of disabling this button or a way of fixing the fullscreen button so it works on an iPad.


      Thanks in advance.