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    Speed Up reverse action of symbols?

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      I have a banner.

      Within the banner, I am going to have about 8 "scenes".

      I want to make each "scene" as a separate symbol (easier to see and set on the main timeline?).  Is this better than making one larger scene and adding it to the main timeline?


      Back to the main question.  On the "main" timeline I have "scene1" set to play within the main timeline.  When it finishes, I have it play in reverse (sort of "clearing" the screen for the next scene by going back to the original banner image).  Problem is, I would like to make ir go in reverse faster.  Is this possible, to speed up the "play backwards" action?


      If not, I could add the functionality into "scene1" but that would be a bit of a pain :-)