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    How to start lower third wipe in away from fram edge?

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      Hi.   I have knocked up a 35mm film canister and film strip to use as a lower third.  I would like the film strip to appear to slide out from the canister, which will be placed just inside the frame edge, but my problem is I don't know a nice way to prevent the film strip showing to the left of the canister on entry.   I know I could copy the clip below the canister and place it between canister and film strip, and garbage matt out everything other than the little bit I'd need to mask the film entering the frame to the left of the canister, but is there a more elegant solution to control the apparent entry point of the film strip?


      BTW  I asked the same question on DVInfo about eight hours ago, but no reply as I type this.