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    CS5-CS6 Pantone Color Differences

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      Hey Everyone. Long time no see. Congratulations to Peter on getting even further forum kudos. At my current rate of forum visiting this is going to be mostly a fansite.


      Anywho. I recently put in CS6 on all the machines here at work (commercial printer, 11 macs) and have been hearing quite a bit of mumbles and grumbles on the new color system for spots. This may be an easy fix.


      On CS5 my Pantone Solid Coated colors have a completely different CMYK and LAB breakdown from what CS6 is stating. Not only do the colors break down different and have different LAB values, but they look really different. This wigs my sales critters out as well as the designers. They don't like their Reflex Blue looking purple. We have all of our output devices set to nail Reflex Blue, for example regardless of them being large format flatbed, inkjet rollfed, digital press, offset press.


      I migrated my Pantone Solid Coated from CS5 and have all the color settings the same in terms of color management and am still getting the breakdown differences. This creates an issue for me with the devices that don't have a horribly great spot library and require CMYK breakdowns they take advantage of (whether naturally doing well with CMYK or doing trickery like Fiery CMYK to CMYK conversions to make the output devices play nice). Even the Pantone+ Reflex Blues don't match between CS5 and CS6.


      This is just really confusing for me. We have several ink vendors and they don't use the Pantone+ system for their inks. I don't even know what ink vendors have embraced it. We work with ink vendors varying from #2 and #10 in terms of market dominance, so it isn't a question of us just working with Brand X ink vendors.


      Any clues?


      On a non color related note. Am I the only one who found the content collector and content placer tools to be indispensible tools? Every time I look down at the conveyer I say "oh conveyer, how did I live without you?" I unmapped copy and paste and ripped the option key off my keyboard.

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          rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I migrated my Pantone Solid Coated from CS5 and have all the color settings the same in terms of color management and am still getting the breakdown differences.

          One thing that's different in CS6 is the solid ink libraries are now always Lab definitions. As far as I can tell unchecking the Ink Manger's Use Standard Lab Values for Spots never has any affect. Even if you load the older libraries the CMYK conversions from a solid ink color will be color managed and the CMYK values will change depending on the document's CMYK profile.


          If you really need the legacy CMYK breakdowns you might have to use the old PANTONE solid to process.acb library, which is defined as process CMYK and uses the same CMYK builds as the older PANTONE solid coated library.

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            Peter's suggestion nailed it and got the same values. The Illustrator method on the help was what I needed. I was accustomed to making those changes to my /Applications/Adobe Illustrator/Required/New Document Profiles, and it would seem Illy prefers the ones in ~/Library/


            I'm fine with using LAB definitions if that's what they want to do. I just don't want the same spots to have different LAB definitions from version to version.