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    Not able to activate FlashBuilder 4.7 after first install - got "There was an error ... try again ."

    Andreas Dzulko Germany Level 1

      Yesterday I bought FlashBuilder 4.7 Standard.

      I'hd installed it on my Windows 8 Laptop and on my Windows 7 Station (with Home Premium) - both 64 Bit.


      After giving my serial number, the setup installs the whole FlashBuilder and it works fine.


      But only on my pc with windows 7, I could not activate the software inside the FlashBuilder dialog.

      It asks for my email and my personal password and ... I got 50 times the same error:



      There was an error with this action. Try again later.


      (but every time with a different number code)


      So I try many times to:

      - deinstall all adobe software

      - make a registry recreation

      - make a recovery of my pc 3 days back

      - download the adobe cleaner tools and try them

      - make two chats with adobe staff in india: phani and another man (I think 2 hours)

      - nothing happens


      Every time the same: the error dialog above.


      I had "googled" two days for any solution - but nothing


      I try: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/activation-network-issues.html

      - hosts contains only comments

      - registry is ok

      - reaching all adobe sites  - secure and not secure

      - GlobalSign Root CA certificate is ok

      - https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/renga-idprovider/resources/img/logos.png shows the adobe logo

      - I'hd disabled all my firewalls - in windows and my dsl router - nothing

      - I tried to sniffer with wireshark but I can't see the problem : I could be that the error comes from adobe server or from flashbuilder itself.

      - I tried to get a new account with a new Adobe-ID in different formats - nothing happens


      I'm at the end of my self


      Please help - I need an technical assistant with a big background and no standard user help desk.


      Thanks in advance arround the world


      Andreas Dzulko - Germany