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    CFEXCHANGECALENDAR with multiple mailboxes


      I'm trying to pull the calendar from multiple mailboxes. I'm looping over a list of the mailboxes in question, and just using CFEXCHANGECALENDAR on the specfic mailbox.

      The first CFEXCHANGECALENDAR works fine, but any subsequent CFEXCHANGECALENDARs on the page fail with "Could not login to the Exchange server. Verify the server name, username, and password. Ensure that proper client certificates are installed." I've verified each of the mailboxes separately, and even changed the order of the list I'm looping over so different mailboxes are in the first slot. Always the first CFEXCHANGECALENDAR is the only one that works. I assume it has something to do with the initial connection not being fully closed before trying to connect to the next mailbox, but unsure how to solve the problem.


      How can I use CFEXCHANGECALENDAR to grab the calendar from multiple mailboxes on a single page load?