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    Fusion Drive vs. Little Big Disc for LR 4


      Help me understand which would be better for my workflow, just sticking with the Fusion Drive, or employing the LaCie Little Big Disk.


      I shoot around 40 weddings a year, each wedding is around 30GB.


      I keep one wedding on my Mac at a time, via LR4. That wedding will stay there until it's finished. But on Saturdays, when I shoot a new wedding, that new wedding temporarily comes into LR for culling and a sneak peek. When I finish the sneak peek for my bride, I save the XMP files and then remove the new wedding from Lightroom.


      My plan is to keep my main wedding on the Fusion Drive in Lightroom, and at 30GB, I assume the whole experience will be blazing fast, since the Fusion Drive is offering 400MB/S +


      But my question is this : should I keep my other unedited weddings on a LaCie Little Big Disk? Or on the 5400RPM HDD inside the iMac? The LaCie offers read/write times around 200MB/S via Thunderbolt. But apparently that's only true for sequential transfers. Random access is more like 1.5MB/S. From what I understand, this is true of all HDD Raids. If you want fast random reads you simply cannot use an HDD.