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    'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere


      Wonder if any kind and expert people could help here?


      System: Lenovo laptop, Win XP SP3 32bit, all updates installed. Main browser Firefox with add-ons including Adblock and Ghostery. Broadband via TalkTalk (after they bought up the original ISP I signed up for!) via a BT Business Hub router, usually connecting wirelessly. Comodo firewall installed, no other 'security' stuff running..


      Problems: started around 7/8/9ish Jan 2013 after working fine for ages. Not sure what triggered it - there were Windows, Acrobat and possibly a few other automatic updates going in around then, maybe also FireFox going to 18.


      Problem is with on demand video:

      BBC iPlayer - any show - spins for a bit then comes up "this content doesn't seem to be working"

      Error code - EMP v.3.0.0.r617463_618125_4  Playlist URL : http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/playlist/p012msym/ Error code : 

      CDNRedundancyManagerError [0] : null

      BBC news website clips - any - spins for a bit then comes up "this content doesn't seem to be working"

      Error code  - same as iPlayer

      BBC radio player - says 'loading' for a bit then does nothing.

      ITVplayer - plays an ad then 'resume' button comes up but it won't play, 'resume' just reappears.

      Youtube - videos play but takes several seconds to start buffering, much slower than usual


      BUT video playing via e.g. Guardian website seems to work fine.


      I've tried googling CDNRedundancyManagerError and searching for any related problems, and then tried everything suggested, e.g. at





      but nobody seems to have an answer and all made no difference:


      - Broadband speed tests - these show around 2Mb/s as usual. Iplayer diagnostic showed the 'streaming 1' test at zero one time, but then it was around 2Mb/s like  the others on subsequent tests.

      - Cleared Firefox browser cache and history

      - Restarted FF in safe mode

      - checked 'allow third party storage' is on in Flash settings. Also tried it with and without hardware acceleration (right click in Flash player and also in Firefox options).

      - /etc/hosts file is original Windows one with no changes.

      - uninstalled Flash and reinstalled current Flash 11.5 (freshly downloaded)

      - Full clean uninstalled Flash as per Adobe instructions and reinstalled 11.5

      - Clean uninstalled and tried Flash Beta 11.6

      - Clean uninstalled then tried Flash 10.3

      - Then put 11.5 back on

      - Turned off firewall

      - In firewall, whitelisted Firefox and plugin container

      - Installed Chrome and tried that - exactly the same behaviour as Firefox.

      - Connected laptop to router via ethernet cable not Wifi

      - Tried another XP computer, connecting by wifi to the same router - same problem. Rarely use this machine so not sure how long it had the issue.

      - Tried a Windows 7 laptop connecting by wifi to the same router - works properly no problems!

      - On original laptop tried a system restore to a week ago when known working - system restore failed, 'no changes made to original system'.


      So, I'm a bit flummoxed.


      - Can't be the router as the Win7 laptop works OK.

      - Can't be the ISP throttling streaming video as the Win7 laptop works OK.

      - Can't be the Wifi on the XP machines as connecting by ethernet makes no difference.

      - Unlikely(?) to be Flash as the Chrome version has same problems as Firefox, and also installing various versions made no difference.

      - Not the firewall as turning it off makes no difference.

      - Not the Firefox add-ons as (a) turning them off in safe mode makes no difference and (b) Chrome also affected


      So what can it be? Any ideas anyone?


      Thanks in advance for any help. Will respond quickly with further info or results of further tests. Cheers Pete

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          Thank you for the excellent detail.  You've done most of the troubleshooting steps that I'd normally recommend.  There's a couple of additional things to try:


          1. Play both of these YouTube links.  It'll be good to know if playback buffering is slow to start for both the HTML5 and Flash video players.



          2. Give Flash Player for IE a try.   Does it behave just like Chrome and Firefox?


          3. In the past, this error was caused by firewall restrictions.  Did both XP systems that you tested have a firewall installed?  I realize you disabled the firewall, do you think uninstalling would make any difference?


          4. If you haven't already, I'd recommend letting the BBC know by reporting this on their Technical Help page:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/help/about/technical_fault.shtml



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            puzzledpete Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response!


            Mmm, tried both links, and both now seem to be buffering OK (immediately). Tried a few others too and seems basically OK. Pretty sure I wasn't imagining it, though maybe it was just a glitch....


            Installing Flash on IE will take me a few minutes - will get back to you.


            Will try uninstalling the firewall!





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              puzzledpete Level 1

              OK, just tried uninstalling the firewall, no change unfortunately.


              Both XP systems did have the same firewall (Comodo) installed.


              Having trouble getting Flash for IE - I go to




              and having unticked the Chrome box, hit 'download' and a little popup window opens which each time after a while comes up with a '408/409 server busy' message and no download starts. I can't seem to find a normal link to an installer.

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                puzzledpete Level 1

                And IE Flash installed - unfortunately it behaves just like Chrome and FF.


                Just noticed that the BBC live news video works perfectly in both all three browsers FWIW:




                Just having a poke around the router settings but not seen anything likely to be relevant yet.

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                  chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                  Since Win 7 works on the same router, I'm still leaning towards something else interfering on XP itself...


                  Could you try starting WinXP in safe mode with networking to see if that changes anything?  Do you have a URL I can try this out with?  I've got a VM of Win XP that I think I can setup with a VPN to allow me to see BBC content.

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                    puzzledpete Level 1

                    Good idea - but sadly there was no change in safe mode. I agree something in XP does sound like the culprit...


                    I suspect it may be quite hard to reproduce - similar error reports from users are fairly thin on the ground, and I'd expect many more if all XP systems were affected. Everything also plays fine on an XP machine I have at work (different router and ISP, but it's got much the same software on and has had all the same updates).


                    I'm in the UK BTW as you clearly guessed!


                    As to a URL - just try any of the video clips on the BBC website or try playing anything via iPlayer - they all behave the same as far as I can tell. e.g.




                    http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01pz9m7/Locomotion_Dan_Snows_History_of_Railways_Epi sode_1/


                    both give the 'content not working' with CDN redundancy etc error just now. Incidentally several of the Google hits for that error were for people trying to access the BBC via various VPN services/proxies... wonder if that's an indication I'm running into some error whereby the BBC don't know I'm in the UK?


                    for ITV player see e.g.




                    It prompted me for a location - either via me typing a postcode or letting the browser tell them the location. Choosing the latter came up 'unknown' so I had to enter the postcode...


                    So I wonder if it's an issue whereby my IP address (or whatever) isn't being properly tied to a UK location. I would assume that's usually an ISP issue, although the fact that the Windows 7 machine works would seem to contradict this...


                    Region is set as UK in the XP 'Regional and Language' control panel...


                    Finally I've just noticed that another on demand service seems to be working OK: e.g.



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                      puzzledpete Level 1

                      Mmm, BBC location is IP based:




                      but going to




                      correctly locates the router's external IP address as UK (using Firefox on the XP laptop).


                      ITV player also uses IP location:




                      I'm not with AOL :-)

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                        puzzledpete Level 1

                        Also just tried removing Acrobat and Windows update KB2757638 (dated 09/01/13) in case this or a recent Acrobat update had caused it. Rebooted after uninstalling each - no change. Have a few more Windows updates to try removing but I'd better get off to work now.

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                          puzzledpete Level 1

                          Just realised the obvious next step is to take the XP laptop with the problem into work and see how it goes when getting the internet through the work system. That should definitively rule out (or in) any ISP or router issues at least. But I won't now be able to do that until Thursday.

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                            chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                            I just played all links using XP and Flash Player 11.5, as expected, after using a VPN service in Gosport to spoof my IP.  Taking the system into your work is a good idea and would definitely pinpoint this to the system if it still fails.

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                              puzzledpete Level 1

                              Woohoo - it works! On the work (ethernet) connection that is... just got round to testing it.


                              So - it must be something to do with either the router or the ISP at home which affects my XP machines but not the Windows 7 one... Either way, it's almost certainly not a Flash problem. Many thanks for your efforts Chris, anyway! If I can get it tracked down I'll post here again with the answer...

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                                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                Nice, glad you were able to narrow it down a bit more.  Good luck getting it solved!

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                                  Hi puzzledpete,


                                  I've been following this thread for the past couple of days, as I seem to have almost identical symptoms to you - particularly in terms of which sites' videos work and which don't. To your list of sites, I can add The Independent, whose videos work for me, and the Daily Telegraph, whose videos don't. Perhaps the only difference is that my errant machine is a desktop PC running Windows XP Pro, which means I can't really try it out in another location! As in your case, I've found that the videos concerned work fine on other PCs connected to the same network (i.e. a desktop running XP Home and a laptop running Windows 7) and that the problem occurs irrespective of the Web browser used.


                                  For me, there also seems to be an extra dimension to this problem. At about the same time the video problem started, I noticed that some of those sites were displaying the pages containing the videos much more slowly on that PC than on the other machines. In addition, those pages keep throwing up errors, as evidenced by the alerts at the bottom left in IE's status bar. Have you noticed this, too?


                                  To solve these two problems, I've tried just about everything you have - and more besides - but to no avail. As you seem to have narrowed the video problem down to the router or ISP, then it begs the question of how either of these could possibly affect different computers on the network in different ways. On my router at least, I don't see any IP address or port settings that could favour one PC over another. And at the ISP end, I'm not sure there's any mechanism that could selectively apply quality of service by internal IP address.


                                  I look forward to hearing any further thoughts you might have, and I'll certainly post here if I come up with anything.

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                                    puzzledpete Level 1

                                    Good to hear from you! It does seem most odd.


                                    Since the above I've finished trying uninstalling all of the XP Windows updates I could find with relevant dates, no change.


                                    Independent: Advert plays but then "Video stream is currently unavailable"; error VE FMS CONNECT FAILED


                                    Daily Telegraph: just an empty box appears where the video should be...


                                    Local paper website - same error as Independent. Both use Brightcove to do their videos... some info here


                                    http://forum.brightcove.com/t5/Video-Preparation-Encoding/video-unavailable-message/td-p/1 1972


                                    and that has links to a debugger! Which won't let me cut and paste annoyingly... anyway not all that helpful, just 'connection failed' when it comes to load the stream. Maybe you'll have more luck...


                                    However that same thread does identify the ports it's trying to use - might be a way forward to investigate how traffic works on these, but that's rather getting beyond my geek powers...


                                    Getting close to being out of ideas apart from that. As you say anything at router/ISP level should affect all clients equally. All I can think of is that there's something in the affected computer's networking stack which interacts differently with the router compared to non affected machines. But as problem occurs on wifi and ethernet it would have to be fairly 'low level'.


                                    Have also virus scanned etc. so don't think it's anything malicious affecting stuff.


                                    Would rather not wipe the hard disk and reinstall everything but it could just come to that! No guarantee it would work I guess.


                                    Good luck with yours.

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                                      trebortas Level 1

                                      Earlier on today, I was having problems with Brightcove-based videos (and general page-display slowness) on both the Independent site and our own local paper site - even on a "good" machine! To avoid confusion, I'll try again on a weekday, as some places do maintenance at the weekend.


                                      I'm interested in your remark about the networking stack, although I'm not particularly clued up about such things. Is it conceivable that a stack fault (or feature) in a given computer could manifest on one network but not on another?


                                      I, too, have been thinking dark thoughts about a clean reinstall ever since trying a Windows repair that failed to make a difference (like everything else). But that's got to be the very very last resort...


                                      In the meantime, I've sent an email to our ISP - so let's see what they have to say. I'm also investigating the possibility of some obscure kind of hardware/firmware glitch in my router affecting only certain connectors, although that's a pretty long shot as I've had both "good" and "bad" machines connected via Wi Fi.

                                      • 17. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                        puzzledpete Level 1

                                        Right - I'll try the Brightcove sites again when I get home...


                                        Not at all clued up myself about the internal workings of Windows (or indeed any) networking either - just seemed a likely area to investigate...


                                        Incidentally Chris's suggestion above that firewalls might be the culprit would also be a possibility, as they may operate at that same sort of 'deep' network level I believe. Mine had had Zonealarm on at one point before I went to Comodo - possibly an incomplete uninstall messing things up? Not sure why it should have made a difference suddenly now, though. Both are now uninstalled FWIW. Not really sure how necessary they are these days anyway...


                                        BTW, which model router are you using? Mine's a BT Business Hub... if it were the same that might suggest something...

                                        • 18. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                          trebortas Level 1

                                          The one video I found today on the Independent site (about a guy grabbing a shark's tail) played OK on both "good" and "bad" PCs. I did get a Stack Overflow message in both cases, but it didn't seem to affect the video. I was unable to find any videos on the local paper site today.


                                          This is the reply I got from our ISP: "You are correct in assuming that we cannot put a profile on an internal IP address, this is only available to yourself, when you're logged into the computer at the property." So this confirms what we suspected! They go on to recommend a complete disk wipe followed by a Windows install - which is always code for "Sorry, but we haven't a clue"... I actually went halfway there at one point last week by performing a Windows repair on the "bad" PC. Of course, it didn't make any difference!


                                          With regard to firewalls, I'm using the standard Windows one on each machine. I presume this got reinstalled in its entirety when I did that Windows repair.


                                          My router is quite an old D-Link, with a separate ADSL modem attached. So that's another dead end, I'm afraid.

                                          • 19. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                            puzzledpete Level 1

                                            Just noticed a possibly related issue - I don't often send email from this machine but possibly since the issue arose I've been having problems sending outgoing email via SMTP (via Pegasus Mail). I've tried various servers which I have available for different accounts and when I set up the most recent one it worked for one message then stopped, with the transaction (like all the others previously) finishing:


                                            >> 0014 250 2.1.5 Ok

                                            << 0006 DATA

                                            >> 0037 354 End data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>

                                            8: Socket read timeout.


                                            Googling the penultimate line gives various obscure pages but a few suggest it's a firewall issue again... and the way it worked first but not subsequent times suggests something adaptive. Which suggests the ISP I suppose as I doubt anything that sophisticated is on this XP laptop without me knowing.


                                            Then remembered Windows Firewall was still switched on. Turned it off and rebooted... no change. No other firewall or security software installed at all now.


                                            Also tried changing the 'security level' in 'Internet options' to medium (lowest setting) for the internet zone. No change.


                                            Back to being out of ideas...


                                            Also Brightcove videos don't seem to be working either now, just tried some local paper ones.


                                            That wipe and reinstall idea is looking increasingly tempting.

                                            • 20. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                              puzzledpete Level 1

                                              And just gone through all of the running processes in Task Manager googling them to check they should all be there. All look OK, none are likely as far as i can tell to be sneaky extra firewalls!

                                              • 21. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                trebortas Level 1

                                                I haven't had any issues with email myself (MS Outlook) except occasionally when our ISP's mail server is playing up.


                                                I don't know the extent to which processes are related to services, but have you also checked out the services currently available on your machine, to see whether any of these might have a bearing on the problem, either by virtue of being off when they should be on or vice versa? I really ought to go through that exercise myself before resorting to the wipe/reinstall option.


                                                By the way, I've heard it said that even if you disable the Windows firewall, there are still some firewall elements lurking around. But could this just be an urban myth...?

                                                • 22. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere

                                                  something small, but have you tried disabling the adblock add-on.

                                                  • 23. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                    trebortas Level 1

                                                    Never had one of those, I'm afraid.

                                                    • 24. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                      P W Abrahams Level 1

                                                      The BBC website uses Brightcove, I believe, so the problem lies in their software.  I'm having a similar problem with the New York Times website using Flash under Linux.  You do have one thing going for  you: Brightcove does, I believe, support your operating system.  Unfortunately they don't support Linux.


                                                      So here's what to try.  In your browser, access the Brightcove debugging page at http://admin.brightcove.com/viewer/BrightcoveDebugger.html .  Then in another window open the page that's giving you trouble.  Go back to the Brightcove page and you should see a trace.  Copy it and send it to Brightcove Support (Brightcove Support <bc_support@brightcove.com>).  They might be able to help you.



                                                      • 25. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                        trebortas Level 1

                                                        Hi Paul,


                                                        If you reckon that the fault must lie in the Brightcove software, then how do you explain that the videos on a site such as the BBC work perfectly OK on some Windows systems but not at all on others?

                                                        • 26. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                          P W Abrahams Level 1

                                                          I can't explain why the BBC site works in some installations of Windows but not in others.   However, Brightcove does take responsibility for the BBC site working in Windows (unlike Linux), so they should be willing to figure out why it's not working there.

                                                          • 27. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                            P W Abrahams Level 1

                                                            As an experiment I brought up a webpage that was successfully using Flash and replaced the 11.2 version of libflashplayer.so by the 10.3 version.  The page immediately dropped its content.  I put back the 11.2 version and the content was restored.  (In neither case did the Brightcove page display.)


                                                            My tentative conclusion is that the problem lies not in libflashplayer.so itself but in one of the supporting packages.  I believe that libflashplayer.so is the only module involved that comes directly from Adobe.  But I'm not sure of either of these things and would appreciate the opinions of others.

                                                            • 28. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                              puzzledpete Level 1

                                                              Are you really, really sure BBC is using Brightcove? A quick search turned up no evidence of this. Do you have a link from the BBC or Brightcove confirming this?


                                                              Also, right clicking a (not working) video on the BBC site just gives the usual Flash error, whereas on a Brightcove powered video there's a note re the Brightcove platform. 


                                                              Also see my mesage 15 - been there with the debugger.


                                                              No further ideas here beyond wipe and reinstall, but reluctant to do that without pinning down the problem - no guarantee it will fix it.

                                                              • 29. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                P W Abrahams Level 1



                                                                Looks like I'm wrong about BBC and Brightcove.  Every video on BBC gives me the message "This content doesn't seem to be working", but the Brightcove debugger shows nothing when I bring up a BBC video.


                                                                I've had the experience now on a couple of Linux systems where I installed Linux and the NYTimes videos worked at first but then didn't.  I now have another newly installed Linux system where NYTImes and Brightcove are working.  If I can determine what action kills Brightcove, that will be a big clue.  Once Brightcove dies, I can't get it back.


                                                                In fact, I just tried it on another new system.   Not only does NYTimes work there, but BBC does as well.  I wish I could catch the killer in the act.  But once a Linux has been contaminated, there seems to be no hope.


                                                                If I can track down the killer in Linux, that might help with Windows and other systems also.


                                                                If you feel like exploring this path, you can get a live version of Kubuntu from Kubuntu.org that you can run without actually installing it.  Once you get it to malfunction you can just drop it.


                                                                I wonder if a new Windows installation would work when an older one doesn't.

                                                                • 30. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                  trebortas Level 1

                                                                  In my case, the BBC videos fail to work on our Windows XP Pro SP3 dual-core desktop system, but work OK on our Windows XP Home SP3 desktop and Windows 7 Starter notebook single-core systems. These all share the same router. I don't know whether the "Pro" and/or "dual-core" aspects could be of any significance.

                                                                  • 31. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                    puzzledpete Level 1

                                                                    I'm on dual core but XP Home FWIW.


                                                                    Just tried again to disable the router's built in firewall as much as possible, but no joy.


                                                                    Tempted now to try changing ISP... currently TalkTalk Business FWIW...


                                                                    Ah, not yet tried the live Linux CD idea either - I'll give that a go at some point.

                                                                    • 32. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                      puzzledpete Level 1

                                                                      Must have burned the Kubuntu CD wrong - didn't boot. An older Ubuntu one I had did boot but had no Flash installed so (when loading as a live CD) I couldn't tell if it would play vids...


                                                                      A quick google suggests Linux Mint as having flash already installed so I'll try burning a DVD for that next...


                                                                      Latest Flash update made no difference BTW.

                                                                      • 33. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                        puzzledpete Level 1

                                                                        OK, successfully booted into Linux Mint from a USB stick.


                                                                        Sadly exact same issue - 'this content is not working' on BBC news and iPlayer etc.


                                                                        Confirms it's not the laptop or OS to blame... which leaves router and ISP - but the question remains - how the heck does the Windows 7 machine work when the others don't?


                                                                        Will try replacing the router as the next step methinks. Then change ISP! 

                                                                        • 34. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                          puzzledpete Level 1

                                                                          Aha! I'm now hoping it's to do with MTU which is something to do with packet size in networking. The mail sending symptoms led me to here:




                                                                          and if it is a MTU fragmentation problem that might also explain (I hope) the CDN network errors, on the basis it's something to do with networking....


                                                                          Have now downloaded the SG TCP Optimiser:




                                                                          as recommended on the Pegasus thread and am trying to make sense of it.Just thought I'd post this now in case I kill the internet :-) and maybe someone else who knows more about MTU can chip in...

                                                                          • 35. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                            puzzledpete Level 1

                                                                            ***HAPPY DANCE***


                                                                            It's fixed!


                                                                            Changed the MTU to 1464 which was the highest which worked in the MTU test screen of the TCP Optimiser.




                                                                            All works :-)


                                                                            Just tried BBC news videos, ITV Player, iPlayer, no probs anywhere....


                                                                            Glad to sign off on this thread! Hope it works for the rest of you....

                                                                            • 37. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                              trebortas Level 1

                                                                              The Optimiser worked for me, too!


                                                                              In my case, it wasn't the lower MTU value that did the trick, as I first tried reducing this value directly in the registry and it had no effect. However, when I ran the Optimiser using the Optimal Settings button, it came up with a long list of proposed changes that it then applied. As the videos worked after that, I guess the culprit must have been one or more of those settings.


                                                                              It's interesting to speculate what might have caused those settings to go awry in the first place. But I don't really care as long as it doesn't happen again!

                                                                              • 38. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                                                                                Thanks for posting.  I'll definitely keep this utility in mind for future issues.

                                                                                • 39. Re: 'Content not working' problem on BBC and elsewhere
                                                                                  P W Abrahams Level 1

                                                                                  I've tried tweaking the MTU setting but it hasn't helped so far.  It's initially set to Automatic.   (I'm running Kubuntu 12.10.)   The SG Optimizer can't help me because it's a Windows program.  So I still can't view those videos.


                                                                                  The fact that video worked on a newly installed system but eventually stopped working is, I'm sure, a clue -- but I don't know how to interpret it.

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