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    Export InDesign Layers to SWF


      I am working on creating an interactive PDF with some image animations. I am exporting the InDesign file to SWF, then converting that SWF to a PDF. The animations work, however, the InDesign layers are getting lost somewhere in the process. Does anyone know how to maintain layers in this process?




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          Chris1868 Level 1

          I found out a solution to get the effect that I was looking for, and the PDF can be viewed and downloaded from the following website: http://www.schwob.com/pdf/interactive/interactivepdf.pdf


          1. Create an InDesign file with dimensions to match the swf portion of the page. Make sure the dimensions of the file are correct because the file cannot be resized once exported.
          2. Add the desired effects, and export that file as a SWF.
          3. Create a second InDesign file that is a full page size.
          4. Import and position the SWF into the full page InDesign file.
          5. On importing, go to the media panel and make sure that “Play on Page Load” is checked.
          6. If needed, select a poster image for the file. I used the poster file to warn viewers that the file is an interactive PDF and they need Adobe 9 or later to view the full functionality.
          7. Export the full page InDesign file as an interactive PDF.

          Project Profile.jpg

          The resulting PDF achieved three goals: The resulting PDF has layers from InDesign, it has animations, and if users do not have the correct PDF viewer, they get a warning saying the PDF hasn’t loaded properly (shown in the attached image).


          The only downside to this solution is that the SWF portion of the page isn’t associated with a layer, and the visibility cannot be hidden through the PDF layers panel.


          If anyone knows how to achieve this effect in an easier way, or if they know of a way to control the visibility of a SWF file in an interactive PDF, please let me know.