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    Dates not working on AMFPHP

    David Sargent
      I have AMFPHP working with the exception of dates. When sending dates to or from the server, it fails. I get Error #1034 Type Coercion. I have tried sending the date as int, string in many formats, all of which have failed. I have seen the notes on the wrapper class but that was not clear to me. So, here are the questions:
      1) Does anyone have the dates working for AMFPHP? Or is this a bug or unimplemented feature? I am using AMFPHP 1.9 beta 2. PHP 5.2.2.
      2) How did you get it to work?
      3) Is there a way to intersect the remote data coming in/out and modify it in flex before it is set in the object. So the idea here would be to take the string and convert it to a date as it is received from server. I don’t see anything in remoteObject or Operations class.

      Open to any other ideas or suggestions.

      Thanks in advance.