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    Can't put file to remote server

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      Fireworks File Management Button, prompts you to put your file to the server from fireworks. Pretty cool, but I can not get it to work. Can anybody help me?

      I am getting this message.

      "Could not complete your request. Could not connect to site. Check your network connection and the remote info for this site in Dreamweaver."

      Well I am pretty sure  my sites network connection is correct because when I am in Dreamweaver I am able to connect and "put" files to my remote server all day long. It is when I am in Fireworks that it will not work.

      A couple of things

      - I did verify that I am saving the file to my site's root file. I still get the error message.

      -When I hit the "put" option, I get a box that prompts me for  my remote server password. I don't get that prompt in Dreamweaver.

      I just can not for the life of me get it to work and I would love to be able too. It would make things go a lot quicker, so if anybody can offer any help I would love to here from you.




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          The same problem was recently reported by another Fireworks CS6 user in the following thread:




          I've confirmed the problem in Fireworks CS6 and CS5.1 on Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard).


          I've also observed some very unusual behavior with the Put command in Fireworks 8, and more recently in Fireworks CS6. It seems that choosing the Put command has a tendency to trigger unrelated commands or alerts. In Fireworks 8, an alert associated with the "Deform to Path" command (either from within the Path panel or the Commands menu) is triggered:


          Deform to Path.png


          More recently, in Fireworks CS6, I'm finding that the Iconic Mode workspace layout is triggered by the selection of the command(!). This seems to be a change from when I last checked the Put command in Fireworks CS6, where it behaved much as it does in Fireworks CS5.1, and just as you described. First, a prompt appears, requesting the site password.


          Password prompt.png


          Following that, an alert appears to indicate that the request could not be completed.




          All in all, there seems to be quite a bit of buggy behavior—some of it very extreme—associated with the File Management button, and the Put command in particular.


          I'd suggest reporting this issue using Adobe's official Feature Request and Bug Report Submission form. Include the URL of this thread within your bug report, as it provides more information and indicates that other users have also been affected.