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    1/15/2013 - AIR 3.6 Runtime and SDK Beta

    chris.campbell Adobe Employee

      This beta release provides access to the AIR runtime and SDK for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.


      Below are some of the key features and benefits of AIR 3.6.  Please see our release notes for full details.


      New Features:


      • Graphics Data Query
        Developers can read the structure of the display object and vector data at runtime. Game developers can use this feature to create complex Sprite Sheets, or exporters for any file format (e.g. SVG) at runtime.
      • Packaging and Loading Multiple SWFs on iOS
        This feature allows an application developer to be able to package multiple SWF files that contain AS code and load them and call their functions when needed.


      Notable Fixes and Enhancements:

      3474494 -[iOS 5.0.x] Using the property, File.preventBackup causes a crash

      3370611 - [Win 8] When I speak into the mic, it sounds high pitched and harsh

      3369846 - [iOS] ThrottleType.RESUME is triggered twice when an app is re-activated

      3428081 - The web page of a played video is often closed automatically when dragging the scroll bar of the page

      3339349 - [iOS] Showing new screen from ANE in mouseDown handler causes app to be unresponsive

      3364916 - Application freezes when you display modal view using UIView from native extension

      3474944 - [Android] Audio is distorted and crackling

      3364368 - [Android] Current version appears to break network connection pooling on Android platform leading to excessive connection latency

      3369826 - Can't render local video with front camera

      3428086 – Packaging for iOS Simulator should not validate the signing options provided. It is now possible to package an IPA by providing dummy arguments as signing options instead of using a valid certificate. This change is not yet incorporated in Flash Builder and Flash Pro.

      3367579 - iOS stage video MP4 fails to render

      And more!


      You can find instructions for getting started with this release here: AIR 3.6 Labs Page


      We encourage you to let us know what you think over on our AIR 3.6 Labs Forum