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    Flash Builder 4.7 Content Assist, Templates, etc



      It's been years since I used Flash Builder (/Flex Builder), so my expectations may not quite align with reality - I'm not 100% sure how it's supposed to be functioning. I've been using FlashDevelop for the last several years. In any case, features I'm expecting from Content Assist don't seem to be working properly. Examples (ignore the '*', I'm using this as a formatting bullet below, I'm not actually typing it in the code editor):


      * var foo:Bar = new Bar();

      Within a function, constructor - where Bar does not yet exist as a class. I am expecting, but not given, the option to create Bar as a new class (web search indicates this is a feature that should exist, via 'Quick Fix'?). Pressing Ctrl+Space after ':Bar' yields 'No All Proposals'; Ctrl+1 yields 'Convert local variable to field; Convert local variable to parameter; Split variable declaration'.


      * privateFuncDoesntExistYet();

      Can't get an option to generate this function if it doesn't exist yet.


      * function

      According to templates, typing this, I'd expect to be presented with a template? The word 'function' turns green (as per code colouring), Ctrl+Space does nothing, Ctrl+1 "No suggestions available". Turns out that after awhile, if I type 'functio' without the 'n', I then get presented with the option to choose 'function' from the context menu as a template, which works - but if I type the 'n', I lose this option...


      * event

      I get the option to proceed to type/select 'event body', to generate the body of a custom event, which works... but nothing about 'event handler'; which appears under Editors/Code Templates/Flash Builder? Typing event handler yields nothing.


      * [

      I've seen a few articles for Flash Builder 4.5 that indicate that I should be able to get Content Assist for Meta's, like [Event(name,type)], etc? This triggers nothing.


      * fori, getter, setter

      All these seem to work as intended.


      * private var _whatever:String;

      Ctrl+1 on this allows me to choose to create a getter/setter. So this seems to work.


      So - it seems like this stuff is half-working for me? Have I set something up wrong, do I have incorrect expectations, or is some of this stuff not available in a Flash Builder <-> Flash Professional project, or outside of MXML script tags (I'm working in .as files exclusively), etc?


      I've recently installed 4.7 alongside Flash Professional CS6 via Creative Cloud.


      I have set up a Flash Professional project type, initially via Flash Pro, and chosen to edit my code via Flash Builder (clicking the 'edit pencil' icon in Flash Pro, next to the document class field, presents a popup in which I have Flash Builder selected). I believe that when setting up via Flash Builder, I chose from 'Project/Flash Professional/Create Project using FLA or XFL file...'.


      I thus have a folder layout like this:


      + Project Folder

      |-+ .settings

      |-+ bin-debug (.swf, .html published here; includes an /assets dir)

      |-+ html-template

      |-+ src (all my .as files)

      |  |-+(default package)

      |  |  '- Main.as

      |  |-+ events

      |  |-+ model

      |  '-+ view

      |- .actionScriptProperties

      |- .project

      |- AuthortimeSharedAssets.fla (generated by flash pro, currently empty)

      '- Main.fla


      In Flash Pro, the document class is 'Main'. AS3.0 Settings has a Source path of './src/'.


      In Flash Builder, the Application file has been set to Main.fla (and src/Main.as as the runnable application file). The Actionscript Build Path's 'Main source folder' is 'src'. The Flash Professional Target File is Main.fla. Launch configurations are all set up likewise. Everything compiles nicely, seems to work fine otherwise, etc.

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          Have had a bit of a further play. Seems like it might be tied into the fact that it's a Flex <-> Flash Pro project. Not that that makes it better, exactly - seems like it's still an issue, but at least it's confined. Creating a new Actionscript Project or Flex Project, for instance, resolves most of the problems I was having (Flash Pro projects continue to have issues). The remainders are probably actual default Flash Builder behaviour, as far as I can tell - just a little less polished than competing solutions I'm more familiar with.