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    Targeting the EdgeID object from inside the animation

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      I've been working on an animation that displays content pulled in from json files.  The height of the content pulled in is determined and then the Stage height is adjusted to fit the total content. This works well by itself. See http://www.jomariworks.com/edge-json (Only west coast links are live. Project files http://www.jomariworks.com/edge-json/edge-json.zip)


      Now I'm embedding the animation in a page using the oam insert feature, which creates an object with a fixed size.  When the animation adjusts the stage height, the object window size does not change. When the content is longer than the object window, the content scrolls.


      Is there a way I can target the height of the object (id is EdgeID) during the execution of the animation?


      The live version of this can be viewed at  http://reconnectingamerica.org/spacerace/index.php.  The project files at http://www.jomariworks.com/edge-json/edge-json.zip are the same as far as functionality goes.


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          After being unable to discover how to target the height of the object containing the embedded edge animation, I have gone back to having the entire page part of the animation file.


          The final web page is online at http://reconnectingamerica.org/spacerace


          There are big disadvantages of this:

          1. The full web page has more than 7000 lines of HTML.  Making changes in Edge Animate is a VERY slow process.
          2. Edge Animate corrupts the HTML in the file. This file contains complex TABLEs.  After making changes in Edge Animate and saving those changes, the TABLE headers are all corrupted (e.g. closing THEAD tags are moved above the head content and several closing TR tags are relocated. For the record, I checked.and the original HTML is syntactically valid.).  To deal with this I removed the tables when editing in Edge Animate and after making changes and publishing the Edge Animate version of the HTML I restored the tables.


          Working separately on the animation and then embedding is clearly the better workflow in this situation. Unfortunately, I needed to be able to resize the embedded animation's object container in the same way I was able to adjust the Stage from inside the animation.  Not being a jQuery wizard I couldn't figure out how to target the height of the animation's parent container.  Still interested in finding out how to do that if anyone can help.


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            I can help you to clean your code. You've too much lines (code).

            Could you send me your project?

            I'll see it tomorrrow. It's 9 PM at home.

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              Here is a link to a demonstration of the issue and the files -- http://www.jomariworks.com/edge-animate/