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    Storing data without a server

      Hi all
      I need your opinion on the problem I have and solution for it.

      I need to create some kind of reporting engine with as few files as possible and with no server to work in background.
      Some swf/sqlite bundle.

      Q1: Is this solution possible?
      I'm a newbie and, as far as i know, you either need a sqlite connector to communicate with db, or use of fscommand(). Since there are no open source connectors, I'm interested in fscommand, so

      Q2: Can I use sqlite (or any such portable db) with fscommand (basically, can I fetch response from it)?
      I'm also not sure that I need a db at all. The data structure is pretty simple, so a single xml would do, which brings me to

      Q3: Can I write to an xml file from a swf?

      Thanks in advance!
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          ntsiii Level 3
          You should use Adobe AIR for this. mySQL is built in.

          Flex in the FlashPlayer in a browser will require server-side functionality. Unless you physically install it on a client in a trusted sandbox, it cannot access the local file system. AIR can, and more,