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    Adobe air desktop fullscreen performance issue


      Hello !
      I'm writing this post to ask about the performance of Adobe Air desktop apps in fullscreen interactive mode.On the 2 computers i use to make my app (a desktop game) i have had no trouble, the game runs very smoothly at an average of 59 fps (although the 1 fps lost probably comes from menus and transitions between levels and such). I believed at first garbage collection could be an issue but after using scout i discovered that even when the GC kicks in, i am still only at 50% of the frame time used. I'm generally around 10% frame time used, and memory doesn't look like it's leaking (Around 20Mb and not going much higher even playing for a long time). Also, cpu usage is pretty low at an average around 25% (with higher peaks of course).


      Those 2 computers run on windows 7 pro with sp1 and both have flash CS6 installed.


      So here is my issue. I tried my game on several other computers, including a mac.

      First one is a core2duo at 3,5Ghz with a geforce 560GTX Ti running on windows Vista sp2 (Integral Edition) and 3Gb ram. The game had lags in full screen but not when i disabled it (windowed at 1024x768 resolution). I managed to get it to run smoothly by setting hardware acceleration in flash player's parameters.


      Second one is a macbook air (no clue on specs, but it's a pretty recent one). The game had lags in fullscreen and i could not get it to run smoothly by changing flash player's options. It runs smoothly in windowed mode.


      Third one is a Core2 duo @ 2Ghz with geforce 8400M GS and 2Gb ram. The game also had lags in fullscreen and i couldn't get it to run smoothly either with hardware acceleration (which was already on). It runs smoothly in windowed mode.


      When i say lags i actually mean that the game is having slowdowns, not stuttering.


      My game was made with a basic size of 1024x768 and i am publishing the game with level2-GPU hardware acceleration under publish settings and auto render mode for air publish settings.
      I tried changing some of these settings but it did not seem to change the fullscreen lag of the aforementioned computers.


      Is there something i should know about fullscreen mode, and how can i make it so that the game runs smoothly on most computers. I am going to be releasing the game commercially in several months (after more testing) and need to find a solution to this problem.
      Thanks in advance !

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          roymeo_ Employee Moderator

          What do you see when you use Scout to analyse the game running on one of the problematic platforms?

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            Faenrir Level 1

            Seems like i can't install scout on 32 bit computers. Which means the 3 other computers . . .
            I'm having trouble getting scout to work on my network for some reason. All i'm getting is "A new session can't be opened because the telemetry data isn't valid."

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              Faenrir Level 1

              Can you help ?
              I can't use scout because my other systems are 32 bit and it doesn't seem to be working with them.
              The problem seems to come from the fullscreen mode from adobe air since in windowed mode it runs smoothly (even on a 7 years old notebook).

              I even have 3 different rendering options in fullscreen and all of them are lagging (no scale, show all, exact fit). Not sure what the issue can be when even the no scale mode lags, so i'm guessing it's related to the fullscreen.interactive mode of air.


              edit: Or not.
              I managed to get it run smoothly by using CPU mode as renderer option for adobe air.
              Not sure what the issue was with direct but i will test it some more (on the other computers as well) and will get back to you.


              edit²: it only helped on one computer. The mac still has big slowdowns in fullscreen and the core2duo now has screen tearing with that option.


              edit^3: I tried using the fullScreenSourceRect on the stage for hardware scaling. It seems to run smoothly. Sadly, everything is a bit blurry with it and i can't chose other rendering options (no scale or exact fit), those don't work anymore with the sourcerect.

              I would like to be able to use the hardware scaling and change the aspect ratio, is that possible ?

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                Faenrir Level 1

                Still no help then ?
                This forum is so useless...

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                  chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                  It might help if we can get access to your application.  I'd typically recommend that you open a bug report (http://bugbase.adobe.com) and outline exactly what you're seeing and provide steps so we can reproduce the problem internally.  It might also be helpful to get the scout output files.


                  Once we get that, I can ask someone to take a look to see if we can reproduce the issue.  From there we can work to either correct the situation or possibly provide workarounds.


                  If you'd like to keep your code/application private, please feel free to send it to me directly (ccampbel@adobe.com) so I can attach it for internal use only on your bug report.




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                    I get this problem and I don't think it is GC. I have made a very simple little game and it runs fine until I make it fullscreen, then it lags incredibly badly. Basic squares for graphics and very simple code. Must be an AIR thing as it's fine when I run it as a fullscreen swf. Also using a fairly new Macbook Air.

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                      chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                      @joewillmott - I would definitely recommend opening a bug report on this at bugbase.adobe.com.  Please include your sample code and a built application so we can test it out.  It would also be good to know if this happens on a certain version of the runtime.