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    Exporting MXF


      Hello everyone, disruption to ask for help on a problem I can not solve. Using the CS 5.5 I need to export to MXF XDCAM HD 4:2:2 with 8-channel audio. I start with a project in After Effects, export directly from AE and create a mxf file, insert the file into premier and I see correctly the 8 channels, but only the first two are "full", the other 6 are "empty".

      I tried to directly import the project into premiere but when I create the export MXF fle with only two channels. I tried and tried (for example, convert mono channels to duplicate) I always get a mxf file with only two channels.

      Someone can tell me where I'm wrong? Thank you very much in advance.


      Ciao a tutti, disturbo per chiedere un aiuto su un problema che non riesco a risolvere. Utilizzo la CS 5.5 ho bisogno di esportare in formato MXF XDCAM HD 4:2:2 con 8 canali audio. Parto da un progetto di After Effect, esporto direttamente da AE e si crea un file mxf; inserisco il file dentro premier e vedo correttamente gli 8 canali, ma solo i primi due sono "pieni", gli altri 6 sono "vuoti".

      Ho provato ad importare direttamente il progetto dentro premiere ma quando esporto mi crea il fle MXF con solo due canali. Ho provato e riprovato (per esempio converto i canali mono per  duplicarli) ottengo sempre un file mxf con soli due canali.

      Qualcuno è in grado di dirmi dov'è che sto sbagliando?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You're trying to export 8 channel audio from a program that only will give you 2. AE is the visual part of your production. Multi Channel audio is produced in an audio app like Audition. Welcome to the world of double system audio where you work on audio with one system and picture with another.


          The proper workflow would be to do all of your audio editing and conforming in Audition, cut your picture and rough out the audio in PPro, and do your visual effects, motion graphics and compositing in AE.

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            Hulk63ricleo Level 1

            thanks for the reply, of course I do not have much experience in the field of television and the sound, I have not explained well. The question came about because the file format created by AE MxfOP1a actually contains 8 channels, but six are "empty". The file is not accepted by the system for the broadcast. Not necessarily have to create a new project but simply "transcode" a audio / video files existing (avi or mov). Seeking the solution with Encoder, Premiere or AE, are not the appropriate programs?




            grazie per la risposta, ovviamente non ho molta esperienza nel campo della televisione e dell'audio; non mi sono spiegato bene. Il dubbio è nato perché il file creato da AE nel formato MxfOP1a effettivamente contiene 8 canali, ma 6 sono "vuoti". Il file non viene accettato dal sistema per la messa in onda. Non devo necessariamente creare un nuovo progetto ma semplicemente "trascodificare" un file audio/video esistente (avi o mov). Cerco la soluzione con Encoder, Premiere o AE, non sono i programmi adatti?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              MXF has 8 audio channels. AE will only fill the first two. As I said before, if you want 8 channels filled you must use an app like Audition to create your sound track and marry that to the video.


              MXF is not a usual delivery format for broadcast. Make sure that's what they want.

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                Hulk63ricleo Level 1

                through telephone support I found the answer! I'm downloading the trial version and check on. Greetings.