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    Responsive website adding its own element styles...??


      Hey guys


      Ok so i turned to the Joomla forums first, but didnt get the help i needed. So here i am back at the ever reliant dreamweaver forums. I am pretty sure this is more a coding question, then it is related to Joomla though.


      Basically my latest site is using Joomla (which im new too) and Dreamweaver for all the coding. I use Warp6 framework (for those that know of it). Its designed to be responsive, so as you shrink your browser size all of the modules / content stack up above eachother


      I designed my website on my localhost and everything was perfect. I uploaded it to my webspace via Akeeba kickstart (fairly universal method among joomla users to transfer a website from localhost, to live) and am faced with a really annoying problem!

      Rather than describing it to you, i will show you the pictures so you see for yourself..

      This is what i see when i look at it on my slightly smaller laptop monitor... ITS CORRECT


      This is when i look at my website on my 19" widescreen pc monitor.......ITS WRONG




      The footer is on everypage, and is consistently wrong throughout. There is only one other page that uses the same position as the blue background bit (the printing page).. and that also has same fault.

      I investigated, and what i found to be the problem, which i found via googles inspect element, is the furthest right hand side modules that have the issue are automatically putting a style on itself.. the recent tweet for example has this stylestyle="width: 372px;" where there shouldnt actually be anything

      I have tried putting !important next to the css width that i want to keep. Which works.... however it loses its responsiveness then and doesnt shrink with the screen size

      I use Joomla 2.5 and the live site is at : http://www.jpmediaonline.co.uk/joomla

      Hopefully i have covered all angles here. PLEASE HELP