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    Indesign cannot open "old files" CS6.


      I was supposed to do a few adjustments in a project, i have opened it before and been working in it alot.. (2 months since last time i was working with this project) When i was supposed to do some minor fixes etc on this project yesterday i cannot open the file. The project it self are only on 8900 kB. What to do???? I can open my recently "newly" made and used projects.... Ive tryed some other projects that was also old, all between 2-6 months.. And it is just randomly witch i can open and witch i "Cannot open"..

                               This is the error for CS6.


                               This is the error for CS 5.5.



      If you got some suggestions scream out! Will try it all that have worked before.. (If someone have had this same problem atleast!)




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It probably won't work, but try opening as a copy.


          Basically, this means the file has been damaged and ID is no longer able to read it. Do you have a backup copy? If not you might want to take a look at the recovery service from Markzware: Bad InDesign or Quark File Recovery Submission Form

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            davsol93 Level 1

            I made a copy just now, and checked.. Still not working.


            And no, i do not have a backup from it.. But i only got a picture (pdf).. But then it is very much work since i cant change the text easly and fast.


            If someone else got any tip, come with em! Ill try em all!

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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

              David sent me a file to look at, and it appears to me it's internally damaged.


              As some of you might know, InDesign doesn't 'change' data on saving, but appends it instead. A copy of the previous state is kept, and so it's possible to roll back one step -- and one step only --, which in the past did work to by-pass a certain class of file damage (i.e., when InDesign does a of Bad Job of saving its own data).

              This file, however, contains not only damaged data pages in the most recent save part, but also in the previous save. Now theoretically that's impossible, 'cause if the previous saved version already was damaged, then he couldn't have saved it "again". So my working theory is that the file is damaged due to bad disk sectors, unreliably copying, or another program that accidentally overwrote parts of files it had nothing to do with.

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                DavidMWE Level 1

                First, a tip: Try manually breaking the links to the file by moving that document you want to open to your desktop or another directory or such and then try opening them... (corrupt image previews and/or images can then be largely elminated as a potential cause)


                As @Peter mentioned, we (Markzware - link here to how that works) can likely fix this file. Interesting notes from @jongware above. Without having seen this file, our research shows there are various reasons an InDesign file can head south and corrupt or crash on you. Just like a doctor can not always say what caused the problem, there are some basic steps we all should take. For instance, OS up to date, InDesign using the latest update available, enough disk space and scartch disk space for heavy Adobe design operations. Here is a list of some of the most common issues with bad INDD documents:


                * Corrupt Font(s) (or corrupt font caches - see below)

                * Corrupt Image(s)

                * Power Failure

                * Placing images via drag-and-drop from an Internet page

                * Working on an InDesign file over a network or on a remote server


                Here is a video on how to tackle the font caches of InDesign, which is good to do once and a while anyway:


                For checking individual font files (fonts are like mini apps really), we recommend either FontExplorer XPro or Extensis Suitcase Fusion 4, with the later perhaps the more popular of the two.


                You can contact me on david@markzware.nl if you need assistance with us trying to recover your bad InDesign CS file further. We also have a PDF to InDesign conversion tool called PDF2DTP if you have a PDF.


                Friendly Regards,

                David Dilling of Markzware

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                  davsol93 Level 1

                  Thanks alot David Dilling!


                  I just sent him a file, that was corrupt and he resended it back within 2 hours and then fully works! Thanks alot!


                  Very good service, David @ Markzware!




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                    DavidMWE Level 1

                    Your welcome David, at your service.


                    Take care,