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    When I export a PDF the file opens larger than resolution so it is pixelated? How do I stop this?


      I have created a Indesign document of 1024 x 768 and exported it as a 72dpi PDF. The PDF is only to view on screen.


      My problem is that when I export the PDF it always opens more then 100%. So everything is slightly pixelated. To see everything in focus as I want it I would need to zoom out.


      Obviously I want everyone to view it as I see it so how do I get around this.


      I choose 1024 x 768 just incase someone wanted to view it on a Ipad. Should I have just created it bigger to over compensate of this problem. I guess on an Ipad the PDF would just be shrunk so the whole page could be viewed and I guess that wouldn't be pixated?


      Thanks in advance for any help!