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    coldfusion confusion


      hi, i finally got a few steps ahead and have installed coldfusion 10 developers edition, thanks to advice here. It seemed to install all ok and i can get into my data in my web pages I want to change, but I cannot change any text. So if I click on my application or categories, a window comes up and asks do you want to view, edit or transfer, then a window popped up and said it cannot locate the program to open file. When I went in to find the cold fusion program there were a few different choices and I clicked on open program with CF10dotnetservice. I'm thinking I shouldn't have done this, as now I can't view or edit my pages, every time i click on my folder ie application, the screen flashes something very quickly that I can hardly see and I cant access. This may sound like double dutch I hope not, but I am very lost with all of this at the moment. Any help would be great, thanks.