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    Best Practices for Managing 1k+ pages on the same path


      Let's say we need to create 1000+ pages at the same path which will have similar structure but different information.


      1. We want them all to have similar url so putting them in subfolders is not an option. How can we easily let the authors sift through and manage these pages?

      2. Is it good to have a individual page for each node, or just have 1000+ nodes and just one page which dynamically display information from one of the nodes?

      3.How can the authors be allowed to make changes to the layout of these pages so that the change is reflected in all of the pages? (I know this can be done by changing the template, but that's too technical for the authors, can they do this change in template through the sidekick/judt drag n drop, so that they don't have to make the change in all the pages one by one but in just one place)

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          Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee



          Do you want to have 1k  pages (with an individual name, individual page properties, etc.) or do you have 1k pieces of information (nodes) you need to display on demand? Your requirements are not exact here.


          1) It's nearly impossible to work on a list of 1000 pages and to choose the right one you want to edit. You need to structure it more, if your users should work with that on a daily basis.

          2) How should your authors change the data on these nodes?

          3) Change the design (/etc/design)? This setting is inherited down the tree.




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            h455491j4z Level 1

            1.a I do not necesarily need to have 1k+ pages, for the 1k+ nodes I considered using a dynamic page to display information from a single node but then how would I attach a workflow to each edited piece of informatio, since my understanding is cq attached the workflow to a page.


            1.b. I need to have all these pages have the same url strucutre, If I organize them further into sub folders how can I achieve the same url structure?


            2. I have considered giving them a simple form which allows them to edit a node and then programatically publish it.


            3. a design would still have to be created by a developer. I want to give nontechinical authors the ability to change the layout and have that change propagate to all the children