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    TOC, Index, and Formatting Changes Disappearing in RoboHelp...


      Hi guys,


      I recently learned how to link and synchronize Word documents with RoboHelp. However, I am having a few issues when I update the RoboHelp Project with the Word document's changes after I right click the file > Update inside the Project Manager pod.


      The current issues I am experiencing are the following:


      1. The Index I configured with various topic pages' selected words becomes empty after I update the Word document in Robohelp.
      2. The TOC becomes blank after I update the Word document in RoboHelp.
      3. I had to remove some excess space on some Topic Pages because it looked funny when previewing it. When I updated the Word document in Robohelp, the excess space I removed returned...
      4. Another weird issue is that sometimes the changes I make in RoboHelp overrides any Word document changes. For example, if I added text to a particular topic inside the Word document and save it, Robohelp will not update the Topic pages' content with the Word changes even after I update the file inside RoboHelp...


      I am not entirely sure how to workaround these issues or if I am doing something wrong. I really want to utilize the synchronization abilities of RoboHelp as it is more efficient for single source reasons.


      Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you