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    Is there a way to mass apply conditional tags throughout an entire Project file?

    bluenirvash Level 1

      Hi Guys,


      I know RoboHelp has the ability to hide particular text/values from online by right-clicking the text/value > Apply conditional build tag > Print to hide it from the output file.


      However, I was wondering if RoboHelp has the ability to hide the same text and values from the output file all at once instead of locating them inside each topic and applying individual conditional tags to each one.


      In my particular case, I would like to hide all the Page X values throughout the entire RoboHelp project file. However, I currently have to go through each Topic page to locate any Page X references to apply print conditional tags. My source file for these Topic pages is from a Word document.


      If anyone knows a way or know if this is possible, I would greatly appreciate it.