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    Adding video to a background image




      Having a bit of trouble here. I have Premiere Elements 10 and I am trying to figure something out.


      I have a background image that I want to be able to add video into a small section of it, while the rest of the image is still there. The area is framed, so it would go into a specific area on the image.


      It would kind of look like how most of your news shows look with the video over the person shoulder, just instead of it being a live person, it is just a still image that the video is in.


      I have tried using the Green Screen Key and it will black out the green box, but it will not put the video in there. I have the video on Video 2 witht he image on Video 1. When I add the video into Video 2 it just overlays the entire thing and I cannot see any of the background image at all.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      If you need, I can provide a link to someone elses youtube video to show what it is I am trying to do.