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    Coloring certain rows in Flex AdvancedDataGrid with Hierarchical data

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      This is regarding changing the background coloring of certain rows of Hierarchical data inside a Flex AdvancedDataGrid...(while maintaining the row selection colors/hover colors over the rows)


      One approach is the overriding the drawRowBackGrounds method and using the dataIndex to retrieve the item and then check for a property before applying the color. But the problem I am facing is that the dataIndex that we get here is as per the items index in the Hierarchy,,, not as per its index in the flat data. So if I need to retrieve the item based on dataIndex , I first get the arraycollection from the hierarchical data then use getItem, but its always incorrect as the arraycollection has flat data. i.e. all the items, and the dataIndex is not relevant here.So I end up getting the wrong item.


      So is there any way to do this using the rowBackGround approach.. ?


      Also the item renderer approach cant be used as I need to the hover/selection colors to be visible over the grid. These disappear if I use any background of a customItemrenderer. Also I need to show the column highlighted as well, so I apply stlye on the column background as well. Using CustomItemrenderes to color the rows, this column selection background gets hidden behind.


      Please let me know if there is any solution to this problem.