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    Multilingual site with subdomain


      Hello, I have a subscription to Creative Cloud which gives me a web basic subscription with BC. I am a newbie to muse and BC, however I have successfully uploaded my new site live: www.costaricajunglevilla.com using muse and BC, (BC is hosting the site) everything works fine. This site is a French version of the site. I want a multilingual site so I duplicated the muse french version, translated it to English and named it en_costa_rica_jungle_villa.muse. (I have not pushed it temp or live yet, cause I’m not sure what to do with it). I’ve chatted with BC support and they keep redirecting me to links like this one http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/kb/add-subdomain.html and this one http://kb.worldsecuresystems.com/521/bc_521.html however, this is still not clear to me. I will insert a screen shot of my BC. How do I get my subdomain to link to the original domain name site? Then I suppose there must be a button in each site to click from one language to another?

      I did create a new A record for en.costaricajunglevilla.com see below, but have no idea if I was suppose or what else needs to be done.

      I would appreciate detailed help or screenshots to help me out. Thank you.

      PS. I eventually want to add a spanish version also.


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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am not a muse expert but with its basic features You wont be able to correctly create a full rich multilingual site with that. I see nothing not missing from those knowledgebase doucuments that will get you going but you will need to step away from Muse into something like Dreamweaver and knowing the system further.

          If your site is just a few basic pages a duplication of these and set as the start page and links with a domain though should be easy. But if you have forms and other BC features there is a lot more to it as outline in those documents.

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            Dorene-O Level 1

            Thank you, but for now I would like to stay with muse. I am going to wait and see if anyone posts something else.