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    timing visitors in flash minisite

      Hi all

      I am trying to build a sytem that will let me check later on the amount of time visitors surfed in a certain flash minisite. I use ASP behind the scenes.

      at the end of the surf I should have an multidimentional array called pageNumerator that contains the pages visited and seconds stayed in each "page" in the minisite (page is just a number signifyingg a certain visual location on minisite)

      now I am trying to make either flash send the information with loadvars or to have flash send the data to the browser and have it send the data with the onunload window event.

      unfortunatly the window event onUnload works at clientSide and not serverSide and the DB programing must be server side

      any ideas about what I should do?
      any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!

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          I'd suggest using Google Analytics - it's easy to hook up and will give you
          a lot of info, including time on pages, user location, etc. I use it now for
          all our Flash sites. It's also free... Essentially, you just pass your page
          name to a JavaScript function on your page, using ExternalInterface, and
          Google handles the rest.

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            yvidanpeled Level 1
            I do use google analytics but i want to incorporate this feature into our own administration interface which is open to our clients.

            I have easily send the array to html container on the unload event so that an alert msg shows me the data. if only there was some way for me to use javascript to open an asp page behind the scene - maybe loading an image tag that points to server side programing if it cant be done directly in flash

            I have also thought about using time chunks of 5-10 seconds to send data to server but that will create an unnececary load on the server.

            thank you for the analytic tip anyway.