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    Make Title Template


      Hi everyone,


      I've just started playing with indesign and I have one question. I just need to create 30 posters with a similar theme so I won't be getting into indesign too deep.


      Currently I've got a 1 page master and then 30 single pages. At the top of each page there is a title. I want the titles to have the some format (placing, alignment, font, size, etc.) but the text in each title will be different. I just created a text box in the master page with the text 'title' as a place holder. I can edit this on each page to get my desired effect, but if I later update the font, size etc. in the master frame and apply it, it changes the text on each page back to 'title'. Is there a way that I can achieve this? so that for example the changes I make on the master page only affect the format of the text box and not its content?


      Thanks, Tim

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP


          If you create a paragraph style and apply it to each of your 30 text boxes, you will be able to make the format changes you want without going back to the master page.

          Once the paragraph style is applied to all your text boxes, all you have to do is make the text formatting changes on one of your posters, and then, with your text cursor still in that box select Redefine Style in your paragraph style pallet menu.

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            timmo3 Level 1

            Thanks a lot, that was easy

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              SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You're welcome. If you are going to do more InDesign projects, you should definitely read up on Style Sheets. Thre are paragrah styles, character styles, object styles, table and cell styles. Learn to use all of these, and formating and format changes will become much easier.


              Look for some InDesign books (I often see InDesign Visual Quick-Start by Sandee Cohen reccomended here) and come back here with any questions.