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    Field cut off in pdf



      I designed a PDF with a few fields designated as multi-line fields.  On one submitted form, one of these multi-line fields had a lot of information typed in.   I can see it the complete answer in the detail view of the submitted form, but when I save the detail view as a PDF, it cuts off at least 100 characters of the field.  It doesn't seem to matter if I make the field bigger by dragging the right corner, because I can see all of the typed answer already.  I just can't save it as a PDF with all information in the field. 


      I've found that if I adjust my page set up and make my margins smaller, more text is allowed.  I can't make the margins small enough to fit the whole field on one page though.  If the multi-line field runs to the end of the page, it cuts off and does not resume on the next page.


      Any ideas about how to rectify this problem?

      Much appreciated as always!