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    vertical text  ish, prob with charting

    Hagster Level 1
      Hello All,
      Firstly you might tell me to bugger off since im using Bluedragon and not CF (CF 7 would get rid of my problem) so any how im trying to create a work around.

      OK here goes:

      I have a CFCHART (all works great)

      The parameter in ;
      CFCHARTDATA item='data label here'
      always renders as horizontal on the data labels, in CF 7 you can use a style sheet to customise this attribute to render vertically I believe the value is something like;

      CFCHARTDATA item='data label here'
      labelstyle isHideOverlapped TRUE orientation=Horizontal

      Ok but I dont have this luxory in Bluedragon, but I have noticed I can get vertical text if I preset a variable like below.

      CFSET dataname = 'JOE'
      (if I use this as my item parameter
      CFCHARTDATA item= dataname
      I get horizontal text as you would exspect.

      CFSET dataname = '

      If I use the dataname variable set like above I get nice Vertical Text.

      So I thought Im on a roll here, I have been trying to work out some loop to just format my datanames like above but I cant work it out. any ideas.

      Or my other metod would be to somehow set the dataname variable against a CSS stlye.

      I can set a stlye up in the header and then Is it possible to apply that class stlye against a variable?

      these are the two work arounds im trying but Im not having much success.

      Any one got any ideas pleaase

      Kind Regards Guy

      Sorry messed up attaching code etc, been a long day so far.