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    Flowing tables with Text


      I am working on an unstructured two-column document where a table is running across all columns. I have placed the table in the text stream (it is not in a separate frame) but the table is not moving with the text. Instead it is stationary. Has anyone had this issue? How can I fix this?

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          FieryPantone Level 3

          first question: what do you mean by "stationary" – how are you expecting the table to move?

          second question: is the table anchor in a paragraph by itself, at the end of the previous paragraph, or just somewhere in the previous paragraph? the screenshot shows a table anchor in its own paragraph

          Can't immediately promise an answer, but knowing a bit more about your problem might help forum members come up with ideas.



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            DawnDawn50 Level 1

            The table anchor was in its own paragraph but the table wouldn't move with the text flow. The problem was an object style (which was spanning across both columns) that was placed just before the table. The object style caused the text before the table to flow around the table instead of moving the table with its anchor. Problem fixed--the object style was removed and replaced with a graphic frame with no style. Thanks for your assistance!