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    What's the proper workflow to combine multiple video types and turn them into one high quality DVD?


      I'm trying to combine 1080i (29.97fps), 1080p (29.97fps), and 720p (24fps) video files into a single Premiere Pro project, and end up with a high quality DVD.


      There are a few problems I can't solve:

      1. There seems to be interlacing and clarity issues any time I export it to DVD dimensions (720x480), and on some TVs I'll get a bouncing motion on the 720p footage (slideshow). Yet everything seems to look perfect when I export it something like an HD MOV file.

      2. If I use Final Cut X to make the DVD, I'll get audio popping and decent image quality. Yet if I use Encore, I'll get horrible interlacing, but good audio.


      I don't have any training in video workflow let alone how to properly diagnose and solve problems that arise. So I need someone to lay out the proper workflow and settings from start to finish to get these three different types of footage to look great on a DVD using Premiere/Encore.



      I've attached sample images showing the types of footage I'm using and the kind of problems I'm running into for reference.

      Movie Issues.jpg