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    Indesign CS6 ebook for Ipad - what you see isnt what you get??


      I am working on my first ebook, and have document setup for Ipad (portrait). I have created a new document for each page, and the content for each fits comfortably into the document I am working on as viewed on the computer screen. however, when I export to EPUB and upload on to the Ipad, only about three quarters of the content fits on the ipad page, and the rest of the content has flowed over into another page. I am not terribly technically minded, and after hours of experimenting and searching the internet, am no further towards figuring out what I am doing wrong, although I think other people have brought the issue up, and the solution may be a script??? That goes way over my head, sorry.

      Some of the pages have images (which I am struggling to keep where I want them - even anchored), but other pages do not, but the dimensions of the documents I am working on seem to be twice the size (almost) of the actual Ipad dimensions.

      I hope someone can put me on the right track to correct whatever it is I have incorrectly set. Thanks