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    Flex data grid inconsistently displaying data


      We have been working on a project for over two years using Spring and Flex. We have not had too many issues until recently. We have all of our Value Objects bound to the Java domain objects directly in the Value objects (as Remote Objects using BlazeDS). Recently, we have seen that while developing the objects are recognized and display fine, but after moving to another tab or dragging into the data grid and reverting the changes back to it original state (this involves clearing the data in the grid) the next time you visit the same tab and make the same selections to populate the data grid or try to drag an object to the grid a second time, the object does not display. The object seem to be there because you can select them you just can't see them. we did not change the datafield or anything just cleared the data grid and performed same action on the exact same object as we did previously. It seems that Flex no longer recognizes that value object. In the debugger, the first time the value object is clearly the value object we expect, but the second time it sees the object as just an basic Object not the Value Object it should be. Hence the plain object does not display the properties we had set as the datafield, they are blank in the data grid. The values are present in the object they just don't show in the data grid It seems to work one day and then the next day it stops working and from then on it doesn't work anymore. This has happened to two different objects so far, at different times. We have actually had to find work around's to get the data to display properly. We do have many Java Objects that extend other object or implement Interfaces, and I have even added the extended classes and interfaces to our Flex project but it still does not work. My managers are getting very upset because I don't know what to tell them because it was working correctly at one time. What could cause this. We are using the older FlashBuilder 4 and the latest release of SDK 4.1 not the SDK that shipped with FlashBuilder. We have multiple developers on-shore and off-shore in India. Is there anything you can think of to explain this odd behavior?