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    Draggable elements within fullscreen canvas

    Ashish Gatne Level 1

      Is there a way I could achieve an effect like this (best if viewed in Chrome):




      This has been built using Openlayer.js and is touch compatible. I would like to use this effect to what I am working on using Edge Animate below:




      Any help would be much appreciated... Thanks for looking!

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          TimJaramillo Level 4

          Hi Ashish, you can use external libraries in Animate, so you should be able to use Openlayer.js in conjunction with Animate to drag your object. It looks to me like Openlayer.js is actually a map placement library, so perhaps it is overkill to use that for your project. You can also look into the native jQuery draggable function- there are many posts on the forum showing how to use this "draggable" function.


          Note that if your are thinking of dragging all the content in your example site (looks like there are many nested symbols ... 100?), I'm pretty sure you will run into performance issues. You might be able to avoid this by being very careful about turning the Display property "off" for all objects that are not currently visible.


          Forum post on using yepnope to load external js library:



          Forum post on using jQuery draggable in Edge Animate: