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    How to connect Drive to SharePoint server


      I'm looking for help connecting Adobe Drive to my SharePoint server.  I am not a server administrator, just an office manager who gets asked to provide IT support.  So this may be way too simple a question to typically show up in the discussion boards.  I've used both the URL address of the library in SharePoint I want to connect to (as taken from the browser address bar).  And I have tried various combos of our SharePoint server's IP address or server name (such as I would use when mapping a drive in the Windows environment).  I seem to be way off on my attempts.  Can someone give me a template for entering the Server URL as requested by Drive?


      I'm using:

      Adobe Drive 4

      SharePoint 2010

      CS6 Creative Suite

      On a Win7 machine

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          Apart for SharePoint (I'm using Alfresco as repository) I'm using all, so I can help.


          Launch Adobe Drive

          Click Add Drive


          Under Connector label, Select CMIS (Sharepoint is CMIS compliant)


          In the Server URL field, enter the URL of your sharepoint something like

               http://<IP Address>/...          LINUX     (my alfresco URL is /

               http:\\<IP Address>\...          Windows

          I assume SharePoint runs on port 80 so the port # may be omitted


          In the User Name field, enter your user name

          In the Password field, enter your pasword

          In the Display Name field, enter the name Drive will use to identify SharePoint

          Tick the "Remember Me" checkbox

          Finally Click Connect To



          If you entered valid data, Drive will connect you to your SharePoint repository.

          After that you could browse you data using the Open in Explorer button and ....