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    Everything Outside of the Composition Area is Gone


      Hey guys, I've looked everywhere for some information about this and I can't find a thing.


      I've imported a photoshop file with about 250 or so layers into After Effects and messed around with it and make a quick 10 second composition animating my layers.  I rendered it, saved it, and came back today to work on it further.  I deliberately had objects outside of the photoshop workspace so I can bring them into After Effects and create a scrolling animation (like scrolling down a website), but when I came back to AE everything outside the composition area is gone... Like everything that overlapped the edge of the cutting area was cut off, and everything that existed entirely outside of that area is gone.  The layers are still there in the sources list, but they just dont appear in the composition window when I move them into view.  It's as if saving the AE file just trimmed everything outside the composition window.  Anybody have an idea?



      Windows 7

      Quad Core i5

      8 GB RAM

      AMD 5850