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    Adobe Animate + IIS + Problem


      Hi there, what's up?

      I hope is everything ok..


      Well... I work with Microsoft Technologies, so I'm not expert in this enviroment.

      Our designers has created a simple animation using Adobe Animate and it generate the following files after exporting..

      Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 12.02.39 AM.png

      It works fine if I open logo2.html using with double-click, but I'm facing a big problem when deploying these files under IIS Web Server. It simple does not work! I really don't know why, because it's just static content and I've already added all mime types for HTML5 compatibilty.


      Does anybody have any idea about what could be wrong?? Further, the most incredible for me, if I publish over Apace Web Server (Linux machine) it works normally.


      Please, if I'm accepting all suggestions! ;-)


      Thanks a lot!

      Tiago Moura