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    De-Thickening text on invert B&W

    preditorj40153117 Newcomer

      I am using Master Suite cs5.


      I have an image that was like 90% black and 95%white. I need to reverse the color which invert can do but there are adjustments to be made before invert.


      I am able to invert the colors after a contrast adjustment. ( i also tried posterize in 2 steps.

      However, when i do invert the letters get fatter and starts looking like it was written with a sharpie.


      I know that there are pixels at the point where B&W meet and that the adjustment i am making spread them like a gradient over 3-5 pixels.


      So, I was wondering what there a way to either de-thicken the text after invert? 


      Is there away to make pre-invert adjustments so that it does not happen?


      The invert on this image is purposely not pure B&W. Pure B&W is worse.



      before polar.pngafter invert.png

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          Noel Carboni Mythic

          In your Color Settings dialog, take a look down in the Advanced Controls, specifically for the [ ] Blend RGB Colors Using Gamma.  Try checking that box and setting it to a small number (e.g., 1.00).


          FYI, a separate [  ] Blend Text Colors Using Gamma setting just for text was added in Photoshop CS6.



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            preditorj40153117 Newcomer

            It still did the same thing. Not as bad but still the same. The solution i used was to make my own clapboard and use that.


            However, this would be a good function to add in the next version. Text-Aware invert they could call it.

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              Noel Carboni Mythic

              Perhaps I misunderstood what you were starting with.  I thought you already had text in a separate layer.


              What's happening, assuming it's already rasterized, is that you're inverting the RGB values at the edges of the font that smooth the transition between dark and light via simple math (i.e., 255-x) without taking into account the gamma correction that's already built into the color profile.


              You could do your work at high bit depth (e.g., 16 bits/channel) using a linear (gamma 1.0) color profile.


              Or, you could just do Image - Adjust - Curves and pull down on the curves some before inverting.  That could give you a result something like this:





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                preditorj40153117 Newcomer



                I will use this recipe in the future. I have about 2 more designs that it will be needed.