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    Camera RAW files


      I took delivery of a new Canon T4I camera today, but I can not open RAW (CR2) files in Photoshop Elements 10.  Is there some update or something that I need to download? 

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          domnic.rj23 Level 3

          Is your camera Digital Rebel T4i EOS 650D EOS Kiss X4i? I couldn't find any entry for T4I in the list of supported cameras and Digital Rebel T4i EOS 650D EOS Kiss X4i is the nearest I could find.

          If its the same camera, the support for it is available only for ACR7.1 and above whereas PSE10 can only be updated to as high as ACR6.7


          99jon wrote:


          You have two alternatives:


          (1) Upgrade to PSE 11. (2) Download and install the free Adobe DNG converter to convert your raw files to the Adobe universal Raw format and the files will open in all versions of PSE (keep your originals as backups and for use in the camera manufactures software)


          Windows download click here DNG Converter 7.3


          Mac download click here DNG Converter 7.3


          You can convert a whole folder of raw images in one click. See this quick video tutorial:


            You Tube click here for DNG Converter tutorial




          Check the list of all supported cameras by different versions of ACR : http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/camera-raw-plug-supported-cameras.html

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            mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

            It looks like you will need to buy the latest version of PSE (Version 11) because version 10 had a last update for Camera Raw 6.7 and I doubt whether a new update will be released for this version.  For version 11, the new updates will continue to be released until version 12 comes out.  Can you not download a trial version of PSE11 to see if it has all the updates for your camera?


            Did your camera come with a CD?  If so then it might have something on it to work with your photos.


            Good luck.