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    help please(eveyone plz help/work to gether w/ me)

      okay, i know as soon as i post this you will all think that im absolutely nuts and that im not expirienced enough(which im not) to pull this off. Here's the deal and please post anything that might help with this, any little bit WILL HELP A LOT!!!!!! I enjoy making flash games and i have always thought it would be sweet to make an MMORPG(mass multiplayer online role playing game for any of you who did not know) in flash. Also i noticed that there arent many tutorials, so i was hoping to figure out(with your guys' help) how to do this and even possibley post any of the info and or(tutorials you guys make or write on the internet so others could make these games on flash. For me it doesnt even need to be massive, maybe just enough for for my friends and me to play together. I have flash mx 2004, and swift 3d 4.5. I have looked every where and have not found a single good tutorial fo this sort of game. And i was thinking like a "fantasy" game where you do quests and get armor and stuff and click on an enemy to attack them(similar to world of warcraft, knight online or silkroad online, all having the same general gameplay).I know that you guys are skilled enough to do this stuff and i would really really really appreciate if you guy could semi put together a "tutorial" for me( meaning you actually make a fresh tutorial with everything, or as much as possible, or you compile a list of links to sites that i could acsess). I know that this is a lot of stuff to do but dont stop because of all of this, even if you could contribute one little hint or link it would help. and it would be best if it tells as much details on how to make the game work, inventory combat server connection and such(ex: should the character be composed of 1 or many mc's attached to a holder). please help me to acheive this goal. together we could make AWESOME GAMES and possible even charge money to play them!!!! :D