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    How to import multiple XML files into one inDesign document without copy/paste ?

    wonder qiao

      I use InDesign CS6, and I have several XML files with the same structure. Only the data are different.

      I created  an Indesign layout with some tagged placeholder frames on merge mode, for automated layout.

      Today for each XML file I have to create a new InDesign document to import the XML. Everything works fine. Then in order to have all Indesign layouts one after the other into a single Indesign layout, I have to use the copy/paste function.

      I mean for example, copy the contents of all documents to the first one. Or add pages of other documents to the first one, then delete spaces between each page.


      So my question is the following:

      How to repeat this process without copy/paste function, knowing that the

      number of XML files could be unknown.


      Thank you very much for your answer.