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    "File Not Supported" Message when importing AVCHD footage into Premiere on Mac




      What I am using:

      Camera: Sony FS100

      Media Codec: AVCHD

      Computer: iMac running OSX 10.8.2

      Premiere CS6


      I have a quirky issue I have been trying to figure out.  I just bought a Sony FS100 camera which records footage in the AVCHD format.  When I import the "private" folder the camera creates into Premiere, it brings the footage in but always give me this error message: "File format not supported" along with a list of every clip on the card.  The thing is, despite the warning, Premiere brings in each clip fine into browser window.  I can preview the clips, edit them and export them out of the timeline with no problems that I have seen.  Additionally, if I go back to the "File" dropdown and select "Import Recent File", I can select any of the the files individually again and NOT get the error message when I bring in the clips.  I have imported from the Private folder amd the AVCHD quicktime inside the Private folder and, when I do, I get the above mentioned error.  But if I import any of the .mts folders that Premiere can see inside the AVCHD folder (each .mts folder seems to represent each indvidual clip), they come in perfect without the error message.  Additionally, if I locate the folder through the media browser, it brings the clips in without the error message.  I can then drag these clips into the Project window like I have been trying to do eith the "import" function.  So should I not be using the "Import" function with these files?  I want to because that is what I did with FCP?  Any help would be much appreciated!