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    "Snap to" is... bad

    Arni Arent

      I've used photoshop for a long time, and dragging/transforming something to it could be snapped either to document bounds or guides has been simple and straightforward.


      Then photoshop got all newfangled and complicated, trying to be too clever, and ever since trying to e.g. drag some text layer so it would be centered around a guide, resizing a shape so its bounds would snap to guides, has become almost impossible to accomplish. It's almost it's trying to snap my layer to some invisible guides that aren't there. What the heck is going on?


      I'm having to spend a lot of effort actually trying to make it pixel perfect, accurate, center aligned, zoom in so I can see the pixels, and resize. It's almost as if the guides have no effect on the "snappiness" of the layer when transforming it.