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    Error: This ANE does not support Desktop(Mac) platform

    Teerasej Jiraphatchandej Level 1



      I am using Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Premium on OS X 10.8 and now I'm having problem


      First I tried Adobe Native Extension from Gaming SDK, which I posted the problem here. I also found other posted about this error but I started to assume this might be caused by another factor.


      For example, I tried Gyroscope ANE before on OS X 10.6 and 10.7. Everything goes fine. Until now, in OS X 10.8, I got this error: This ANE does not support Desktop(Mac) platform

      As I posted screenshot below.


      Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 4.13.22 PM.png


      I don't sure this issue caused from OS X 10.8 or not. I think you or someone can test this on OS X 10.7, Windows 7, and Windows 8, and comment below for succeed for failed using ANE on FB project.


      Another assumption is ANE may build with different environment. But I don't know this would affect or not.