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    Cross Dissolve Between Stills that Have Motion Effects

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      I need to add a Cross Dissolve between still clips that have time mapped scale and motion.  The problem is that the dissolve on the previous frame has no motion, so there’s a small jump as the motion starts to change midway through the dissolve.  At the moment, I am making the still clips two seconds longer than I need, so I can start the scale and motion effect early and the end it late.  Then trim each end by one second so the effect starts before the dissolve.


      I have to do this multiple times, so the above technique is going to be long winded, and I have to estimate the actual start and stop for the motion and scale.    So I am wondering if there is any kind of shortcut?   The only alternatives that I have found useful are a short dip to black, and no transition effect at all.  The latter works OK if I am careful about speed and direction from one clip to the next, and is probably better practice anyway.