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    Sandboxing for the Mac App store




      I'm giving it one last try before giving up on getting i Dir app on the Mac App store. This is is where I'm at now.


      Attempt 1

      I made a app bundle as described in other discussions (a outer starter bundle that starts the director bundle, with a start.ini file alongside it). When sandboxing the director bundle, it can't find the start.ini file anymore, no read-access. I  used the temporary-exception.files.absolute-path.read-only=/ giving the app read rights to the whole system, so the user could move the app anywhere. And it worked, the app was sandboxed and codesign, great! But of obvious Apple rejected it.

      Ok i didn't really expect them to let it through with those read-rights.


      Attempt 2

      Same as attempt 1, but this time I hard  coded the path so the app had to be in the /Applications folder, and change temporary-exception.files.absolute-path.read-only=/Apllications/my great app/Contents/Resources/ (where the start.ini and the dir bundle is located).

      Again it worked find, and if you moved it out of the Applications folder the starter app prompted one to move it back.

      And Apple rejected it again, not letting me use temporary-exception (I have appealed this but most likely with no success)


      Attempt 3

      This is where I'm stuck. This time I let the dir bundle inherit the sandbox from the starter app, and it works, the dir app can find it's start.ini file without any temporary-exception, yeahh great!  you would think, but no.

      For some reason the dir app can't find it's xtras any more?! I tried placing a copy of them in every folder just to see if the link was working only pointing wrong, but no.

      I then tried using openXlib and it works for some xtras, like buddy api, but not for the shockwave 3D, mixer and Text...


      So has anyone any ideas how to proceed? And waiting for Dir 12 is not the solution I'm looking for.


      Best regards,