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    Creative Cloud applications starting as trial? Try this!

    daniellieske Level 1

      I just wanted to share a possible solution for the trial version problem that a lot of people seem to experience. The whole topic is very confusing because there seems to be a trial version problem that is specific to Photoshop (probably fixed by the latest update) and then there are cases where all applications installed from the Application Manager think that they are trial versions. This issue pestered me for two weeks now and today I stumbled upon something that unexpectedly resolved the issue - at least for me.


      All I had to do actually was to install a new application from the Application Manager (anything that wasn't installed before - in my case it was Flash). I wanted to check if a newly installed application would also fall into trial status directly after installation and what happened was, that it didn't. What also happened was that ALL other applications returned to their normal behavior. No more trial popups!


      I figure that installing a new application somehow forced the Application Manager to check my subscription status in a way that a normal login would not do. The solution persited after a reboot of my computer so my hopes are high that this solved the problem permanently.


      I'm curious to find out if this might help anyone else.