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    Context-sensistive Help Test Tool


      I have upgraded a help file from RoboHelp 5 Word to RoboHelp 10 HTML.  I wanted to test the context-sensistive map numbers so I am using "CSH Test" in the Toolbox.  When I assign the *.chm file to the "offline" box and then select the MAP Number from the drop down menu under Options, nothing happens.  The help file says if everything works the topic should be displayed.  I am confident my MAP IDs and topics have been set properly, but I get nothing to show in the test tool.  I wanted to test various context-sensitive IDs before moving on to actual testing with the application software.  I assumed this would be a straight forward testing of the MAP ids without use of the application (*.exe).


      Any help on what I could be missing on the context-sensistive help testing with CSH Test? 

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          Krischu Level 1

          Welcome to the club


          What I have found so far is that RH9 (and obviously RH10 also)  doesn't create the #IVB section correctly (if at all) in the .chm

          (Use HTML Help Studio from the Tools and open "Oberste Ebene" - "Top level").


          You ought to see a #IVB section containing all the MAP IDs and the corresponding mapping.

          Chinese characters may appear since the tool doesn't respect wide char or UTF-8 or whatever.

          Under RH5 this is working correctly.




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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi there


            Sorry I don't have a good solution for either of you.


            Why I'm posting is to encourage anyone facing this issue to report it to Adobe as a bug. The more reports they receive the higher the priority.




            Cheers... Rick

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              Green!Writer Level 1

              Hi Krischu,


              You are correct and on track with you advice!  THANKS!


              Using HTML Help Studio, I was able to open the *.chm file and look at the "Top Level" files.  I confirmed the #IVB file does not exist.  So there is the problem!  For good measure, I checked an example file (Salesbuilder) that came with Robohelp 10 and the #IVB file is present with the Chinese characters as you describe.  The example file does work properly with CSH Test.


              I know I have the proper topics mapped with a corresponding MAP ID.  I confirmed this by using the "Edit Map IDs" dialog box to confirm MAP ID, MAP # and Topic.  I also see the  proper folders and corresponding *.hm file in the "Context-Sensitive Help" section of "Project Set-up" pod.


              I believe I have set everything up properly for context-sensitive help, Therefore, do you know of any action I can perform to force feed the Context-Sensitive Help information into the *.chm file??  Have I missed a step or a check mark some where to set??

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                Green!Writer Level 1

                ISSUE RESOLVED!!!!


                When upgrading the project file (in this case RH5 Word to RH10 HTML) the *.hm file (MAP file) was used that was created from the MAKEHELP.BAT from RH5 Word.  It looks the the RH5 "Word" BAT file created the *.hm file and places the MAP label and MAP IDs properly.  The only problem is that it does not place a "#define" infront of the definition.  Robohelp and the various display dialog boxes shows the proper MAP labels and IDs properly with or without the #define.  When upgrading, Robohelp did not update the *.hm file (nor did I) in any way.  The problem is that without a #define in front of the definition the Robohelp compiler (generator) for HTML will not place the context-sensitive MAP IDs in the *.chm file.  As a result, the context-sensitive topics will not launch when called.  Once the "#defined" compiler primative was placed in front of the definition the "CSH Test" application was able to verify proper operation.  In addtion, the #IVB section was now present and visiable when viewed in HTML Help Studio.


                NOTE to RoboHelp HTML user that have contact-sensitive help:  The MAP file needs to have #define in front of the MAP Label and MAP IDs for proper insertion by the compiler (generator) into the *.chm file.



                #define HID_MYHELPNOTE 0x18074


                HID_MYHELPNOTE 0x18074


                Thanks for the help from "Krischu" and "Captiv8r".  Your pointers helped me identify the issue I experienced and was able to resolve.

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                  Hi Green!Writer!


                  We have the same problem after upgrading from RH 9 to RH 10, we don't have an #IVB section anymore (which we need to map the IDs otherwise the dll build process fails).


                  The thing is:

                  in our header file it clearly says

                  #define XYZ      1x23

                  so your solution doesn't work for us.


                  Are you sure that you didn't change anything else?

                  You do mean the *.h file, right? Because you keep on writing *.hm, so I wasn't sure.


                  Thank you very much to anyone who can help!